2martyg Announces the Release of his First Ever Film

Martin Gomez (2martyg), a 21 year old first generation American musician, has experienced great success in relation to the reception of his unique and interesting music. Having revolutionised the music scene through his innovative fusion of R&B, rap and chillwave – he intends to extend the reach of his pioneering work to the film industry with a long music video. Perhaps this piece is exactly the revitalisation the industry needs after the extended downturn it has experienced as a result of COVID.


Achievements and Expertise

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where Gomez’s expertise originates from; part of success in this industry will always flow from a talent for creativity, but this was undoubtedly also cultivated by his passion for music from a young age. Being a child of immigrants meant that he faced additional challenges in his youth. He managed to overcome these barriers (i.e. the financial and linguistic walls associated with minority groups, plus the knock on effects of these disadvantages) through the use of music as an escape. The prolific amount of music he must have listened to during this time is surely a source of his expertise in the art, and certainly played a part in his success. As mentioned earlier, Gomez managed to uniquely fuse the three contrasting genres of R&B, rap and chillwave; this novel style allowed him to successfully break out from his humble upbringing. The experiences of his youth have only increased his hunger to build on his current achievements and forge a successful career in the music industry. He has made it clear that as he moves forward in securing his place in music, his desire is to nurture and grow this highly specialised style he has curated up until now, in order to allow him to continue to portray an individual message with each song. In addition to this, Gomez hopes that his music illustrates to those growing up in the circumstances he found himself in that they can achieve the same successes he has, they need only look for the opportunities.


Upcoming Short Film

Gomez has announced that he is planning an upcoming short film that will feature some new audio tracks of his alongside it. The contents of this short film are expected to be based on his own personal experiences and past; alongside promising to be another exciting project of his, it should act as another source of motivation to those from similar backgrounds as Gomez to create their own opportunities. Furthermore, given that only 2% of all music videos can be described as ‘short films’ – and there has been an empirical decline in the film industry as a result of COVID – this project will likely be the breakout work of Gomez’s could be the shock the industry needs to reach its previous peaks.


About Martin Gomez

Martin Gomez is a 21 year old musician from the United States. Outside of his musical career he pursues numerous personal interests. Most notably, he is a big lover of snowboarding, which makes sense due to its creative nature – it is certainly another imaginative outlet of his. He has recurrently expressed his passion for philanthropy to be tantamount to his talent for music – specifically noting that he cares and stands for poverty and families in need. He postulates that the source of this keen interest can be found in his youth; as the child of two immigrants with no papers, and the knowledge of the hardships they experienced as a result of a language barrier and a lack of knowledge due to immigrating to this country, he wants to do all that is within his power to reduce these hardships for others. Furthermore, he is aware that many families experience the same troubles he did, and would love to be able to give back to these communities by providing help and resources in the future. One way in which this could be achieved is the provision of additional recreational facilities – which could perhaps help youths with no guidance find their own passion. Similarly, supporting a local charity through donations would never go unnoticed, and is always appreciated.