10 Brands to meet at the AI summit in San Francisco

The AI Summit will be held at the Palace Hotel on the 24th of September and at the Palace of Fine Arts on the 25th and 26th of September in San Francisco later this year. It is now in its third year and is the world’s first and largest conference and exhibition focusing on the practical implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the business world by offering solutions that help transform productivity.

Representatives of the world’s leading business organizations, Tech innovators, AI start-ups, academia, media and investors will offer inspirational presentations; strategy and technical know-how and all the leading innovators, thought leaders and vendors of AI technology will be present.  The program not only offers insights into existing practices but also focuses on what is coming next.

Since the event is powered by industry leaders here are a few of the brands to meet there:

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

AWS started offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in 2006. Now known as cloud computing, AWS provides a highly reliable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers businesses in 190 countries around the world, saving business the costs of up-front capital infrastructure expenses for servers. The company has data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan and Australia (See Amazon Australia).

Clients from all industries benefit with the use of the cloud by keeping lower costs, having instant access, flexibility and security.


Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform globally, but it has not only left its efforts at that. They are omitted to advancing the field of AI in order to give people better ways to communicate. Their researchers are seeking to understand and develop systems with human-level intelligence and since knowledge cannot be done in isolation they engage with other members within the research community and academia. Their long term mission is understanding intelligence and to build intelligence machines by deriving knowledge from various data available to them through theory, algorithms and other infrastructures.

Their team of researchers works from Facebook offices around the globe; including Menlo Park, CA, New York City, Seattle, Montreal and Paris.


The #1 provider of database and business solutions Oracle, has a broad portfolio of solutions for all companies, no matter their size. Oracle technologies are used by 430,000 clients across 175 countries to help them solve business challenges and the company has 26,000 partners.

Oracle has developed AI- powered application for enterprises to realize value through better business outcomes. They have a ready –to –build platform which allows data scientists and application developers a range of cloud services to build, train, deploy and manage AI-powered solutions which can be used across a whole enterprise. These help eliminate factors such as human error and repetitive tasks allowing organizations to concentrate on other activities.


The cultural phenomenon of Microsoft goes far deeper than its annual revenues. The largest software company in the world bases most of its business on developing, manufacturing and licensing software products. Led by Bill Gates, one of the company’s personal products is virtually on every personal computer in the world. They also offer countless business operating systems, server applications, business and consumer applications, software developments tools and Internet software, technologies and services.

Microsoft Research AI was started to seek game-changing changing advances in AI, including machine learning, innovations in language and dialog, human computer interaction and computer vision. Their key focus is to unravel the mysteries of the human intellect and to use this knowledge to develop a more general and flexible AI.

Artificial Solutions

Teneo is an AI conversational platform, designed by the Artificial Solutions, which allows business users and developers to collaborate in the creation of sophisticated, highly intelligent applications on an advanced conversational platform across 35 languages in real time.

They are the leading specialists in enterprise-strength Conversational AI that allows people to communicate in everyday, humanlike language via voice, text, touch or gesture input through applications, websites and devices.

In their words: “Quite simply, we make technology think.”


Lenovo has grown to the world’s largest PC vendor and fourth largest smartphone company. The company came into existence in 2004, but was previously known as Legend Holdings and was formed in 1984, in China. Lenovo acquired the former Personal Computer Division of IBM in 2005. They have major research and manufacturing centers around the world.

In 2014, they acquired Motorola mobility. The company has a track record of innovation and AI is a field that they are investing in to help their customers become more efficient and agile in their specific operations.


Google is the tool all internet users rely on. They organize and make information universally accessible and useful. Their products and services include online advertising technologies, search engine and cloud computing. Since its inception in 1998, it has grown into one of the Big Four technology companies. Google is heavily involved in AI research and apply it to products and new domains that will be accessible to everyone. Google Assistant is one of their innovations making hundreds of tasks easier for their users.  These include searching for photos, breaking down language barriers on Google Translate and many more. AI is helping find new ways of looking at existing problems, including rethinking of healthcare and the advancement of science.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a computer system capable of answering questions. It was developed by IBM’s Deep QA project and the research team was led by David Ferrucci.  Watson was named after IBM’s first CEO, Thomas J. Watson.

Today it helps unlock the value of data by freeing employees from repetitive tasks. IBM is heavily investing in creating powerful and practical AI solutions for every industry.


Besides processors, Intel works at inventing technologies to help business and society have amazing experiences. The company is solving global challenges by making advances and finding solutions. They have an AI developer program which can be used to optimize desktop computers and much more.


PricewaterhouseCoopers is the leading multinational professional services with headquarters in London. Their global teams deliver quality in business assurance, tax and advisory services. Their annual global review helps power corporate responsibility, diversity and inclusion. In their recent Global Artificial Intelligence Study they concluded that AI has the potential to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 20130, with a 26% boost in GDP for local economies.


Lara Bernhardt

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